One Piece 'Episode of East Blue'

The official site of the One Piece franchise began a long promotional video on Saturday for the One Piece episode of East Blue Broadcasting: Luffy 4-nin no Nakama no Daibōken (Luffy and Great Adventures of his comrades 4) 2 hours special television.

The site also showed the character design of Ruffy, Zorro, Nami, Lysop and Sanji.
The special will be broadcast on Fuji TV on the 26th of August 9:00 to 11:00. The Special is a completely new work, with scenes re-enacted since the beginning of the series until the crew of the Grand Line enters.

The special reminder of the 20th anniversary of the manga and is also animated versions of original chapters of the title stories of the manga under the credits of the stage. The funds are made on what Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brooke did during the time that hit the rest of the team in East Blue. In addition, the anime is a special issue with the 20th anniversary of the original opener commemorating "We Are!".

Takashi Otsuka performs the special and Tomohiro Nakayama wrote the screenplay. Masayuki Sato is the character designer and chief animator.

The anime previous One Piece Anime. One Piece: Heart of Gold, released in July 2016. The special was related to One Piece Film Goldfilm last year.

One Piece has previous "episodes", such as One Piece Episode by Luffy: Hand Island No Boken (2012), One Piece Episode by Nami: Kōkaishi No Namida to Nakama No Kizuna (2012), One Piece Episode by Merry: mO Hitori No Nakama No Monogatari (2013) and One Piece Episode Sabo (2015).


ONE PIECE - 33rd issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump

33rd issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Shueisha This year, revealed Saturday a new video game "Codename Dawn" for a franchise parts Eiichiro Oda.

The game is the talent of the One Piece anime producer Hiroki Koyama by Toei Animation, One Piece media Supervisor Suguru Sugita Shueisha, supervisor game One Piece Yuji Suzuki Shueisha and game producer Kōji Nakajima Piece Namco Bandai Entertainment. Shueisha is more news about the game in Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump V and reveal on One Piece official website.

The problem also showed that Weekly Shonen Jump, the official website One Piece and a special 20 year anniversary website show nine upcoming events for the franchise.

Displaying a Kiosked
In addition, the "Bonjour, A Exhibition of Coins" will be published abroad. The first foreign exhibition will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August to October.

More ads in this issue:

A renewal of the official website One Piece and a new 20 year anniversary website.
The Tokyo Tower One Piece theme park is a summer festival called "Tokyo Pirates Festival" on 22 July.
The three monoblocs smartphone games (Treasure Cruise, Thousand Storm, Grand Collection) will later this month have special anniversary events of 20 years.
Shueisha is the 1-60 volumes of the digital version of manga on a special website for free for a limited time.
20th birthday illustration Figuarts Zero Figures of all nine crew members of straw hat.
Luffy and Chopper stamps for the application of the SNOW communication of 21 July.
A "One Piece Ogiri Challenge" on the LINE application of July 21st.
A Twitter campaign, when a Twitter emoji straw hat for users who hashtags #ONEPIECE, # ONEPIECE20th, # ン ピ ピ ー ス, or # ン ピ ピ ス ス ス ス ス ..... .........
A campaign "Luffy Everyone", in Shueisha applications fanart Luffy outlet and a collection of fanart present a future cover of Weekly Shonen Jump.
The second volume of three dimensions One Piece magazine will arrive in Japan on August 4th. The first edition, which was delivered earlier this month.
Each chapter of the manga different from the number 33 of Weekly Shonen Jump also revealed a hidden image of a straw hat, readers are encouraged to look for in any manga. Similarly, as the Weekly Shonen Jump released the last chapter of Osamu Akimotos Kochikame Manga on September 17, most other manganese showed a latent image of the protagonist Kankichi Ryōtsus brewing brand in the newspaper.

The 33rd edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump and previous editions indicated that "something is going to happen" on the official manga of the 20th anniversary of July 22nd.

The 33rd edition features 10 "project" for the 20th anniversary, including a cover illustration that recalls the theme which published the first chapter of One Piece, 22 July 1997 (original cover 1997 above) Poster of open a message from Oda, a one-shot manga 15 pages per Torikos Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro his memories of Oda and more.

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