Shinobi Fourth World War


Naruto told to place the killer bee practice, in the valley cloud lightning. For naruto can be trained to control his bijuu is Kyuubi, but instead reject killer bee, so Naruto decided to train himself in the waterfall where the bee train but suddenly appear behind the waterfall itself naruto evil, which has been under control when you remove the chakra Kyuubi naruto so big.naruto give up because of self naruto evil have the same power with her, naruto listen to past stories about the killer bee 30 years ago, and it knows that naruto killer bee past is the same with her, a jinchuriki.
He apologize and killer bee decides to teach Naruto.. After Naruto managed to solve the problem with his evil side, Killer Bee then beat Kyuubi told Naruto to master the Kyuubi's chakra that is in the body. Initially difficult to defeat Kyuubi Naruto, Killer Bee even had help from attacks Kyuubi Naruto. Naruto then uses Kagebunshin No Jutsu in large numbers to release Oodama Rasengan in large numbers too, but easily avoided by Kyuubi. It turns out, Naruto is ready to release the jutsu Fuuton: Rasen shuriken in great shape that makes Kyuubi thrown in pain. The opportunity was utilized to draw Naruto Kyuubi chakra. however, among the Kyuubi chakra  there are also black which contains the hatred that makes Naruto remember back in the past sufferings. Naruto original body that was with Killer Bee and the Yamato was slowly released Kyuubi chakra and begin to remove the tail. Killer Bee was shocked and did not expect to contain the Kyuubi chakra hatred is greater than he expected, while Yamato getting ready to release the sealing jutsu when Naruto transformed into Thumbnail Kyuubi again. back to Naruto; in the middle of the memory of his suffering in the light, came a woman who turns out to be Kushina, Naruto's mother.   Meanwhile, the chain which bound Kyuubi is Naruto's help from the mother. Naruto did not recognize her at first, and thought his mother was the pacification Kyuubi, and immediately hit her mother. Having gestured about him, Naruto was immediately embraced her mother. Then her mother told her, early recognition for his mother with naruto father, and it turns out Naruto has his mother's nature. After removing a longing, his mother then tells Naruto to defeat Kyuubi forever with the aid of power. Naruto then entered in  Sage mode and use the chakra kagebunsin senjutsu to make in large quantities and releases Oodama Rasengan Kyuubi felt that this time stronger than the first attack. Having thrown a result Oodama Kyuubi Rasengan, Naruto immediately strike back and release fuuton: Rasen Shuriken makes Kyuubi helpless. Naruto then pulled out the Kyuubi chakra and after that, the whole body filled Naruto chakra. Kyuubi then appealed to naruto, but Naruto still sealed the Kyuubi's chakra it uses seals Beetle Elders taught him. Kyuubi is angry and then remove the remnants of black-colored chakra to attack Naruto. but, before he attacked Naruto, First sealed Kyuubi by Kyuubi's seal known Rikudou Sennin. Before fully sealed Kyuubi, Naruto apologize First sealed Kyuubi by Kyuubi's seal known Rikudou Sennin. Before fully sealed Kyuubi, Naruto apologized to Kyuubi. After successfully sealing Kyuubi Naruto, Kushina..., Naruto's mother appears and tells the events that actually happened, and it turns out mom was Jinchuuriiki Kyubi Naruto before Naruto. Apparently jincuriki Kyubi naruto is third.  

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