Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

Evangelion: 2.22 You Can [Not] Advance [Blu-ray]As the fight continues against the Angels Shinji and Rei get reinforcements in the form of two new drivers: the temperament, and Asuka Langley secret Illustrious Mari. Battles between the drivers find the time to try to create some semblance of normal life, but after a traumatic battle Shinji decides to leave his post and left nerve. Right now, the most powerful angel comes back to a devastating attack on the headquarters of the nerve to start, sweeping all opposition, and threatened, the only thing to eat Shinji expensive ... Characters review:

Although to some characters (especially Asuka) to even less friendly for the most part seem to have, the headliners have only improved. While there is little time for the secondary characters to develop or even really concerned, you assume the personalities of well-developed son a few new directions to each other in their relationships. The relationship between the teen-SAP Shinji and his father board a little more satisfying, and told her now, and the sweetness annoyingly hyperbolic tire was flattened by a little more lenient. And the new leader, Mari, is much better than (at least me) predicted. She has a very interesting relationship with her and her body. I am delighted to future development. Eva designs seem to have something around the waist, a strange choice has changed, and not much to add to their attractiveness. In contrast, the Angels have been changed for the better. The old, sometimes Ultraman-ish drawings were sometimes a little ... Ultraman-ish. The limited number and better designs have helped things much.

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