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Soul Eater, Vol. 1Soul Eater, Vol. 2"Manga Soul Eater" is a cartoon with such a strange premise, that I'm always surprised it's as entertaining as it is. Many young children are training in the death of weapons Master Academy (in Nevada, USA, for some reason ...), in pairs of "master" and is "the demon weapon." L "demon gun" kid turns into a weapon carried by the "master" to collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch to her "demon weapons" into powerful weapons such as "Death Scythes" hopes to transform known will be suited by the Grim Reaper himself exercised.

The series began when the creator Atsushi Okubo moved "Soul Eater" one-shot story in Shonen Gangan month in 2003, which was popular enough, "pursued Black Star" by two more short stories, in the same universe, and "Death the Kid. "The response was so good that Okubo was asked to create an ongoing series in 2004. The three short stories and the first chapter of the current series were collected from Soul Eater, vol. 1st vol 2, because the volume is really where the current series begins, there's the story here much longer and less from the introduction of characters. We are in the action with the first pages that Maka and Soul Eater and Black Star Demon weapon and his weapon Tsubaki demon for the soul of Frankenstein, a mad scientist obsessed with collecting the operations skillfully thrown. Frankenstein soul is so powerful that any of this considered a suicide mission, but the four children are determined to succeed. Later, Black Soul and Soul Eater are convinced that they are stronger when they came together, instead of working with girls and Maka ,Tsubaki, Death the Kid and sophisticated while his twin daughters Thompson to a duel. Finally, a new and dangerous threat is the appearance of the witch Medusa and her son and his weapon master cron Ragnarok devil. Crona champion is a red, collect the souls of non-humans struggling to feed his gun demon, and must be reduced.

Things move at a rapid pace in "Soul Eater", which works well because it prevents you from realizing how stupid the whole thing. The whole "children in arms again" thing is pretty weird, and you can not help thinking that they get at the end of the transaction debut masterpiece / demon. Okabo but manages to inject a substance in this, talking about the resonance between a master and his / her weapon, especially in the history of Black Star and Soul Eater are trying to form a team. Conceptions of art and nature in "Soul Eater" are very much in the style of the Square Enix show up with strike cloud hair. Some characters, such as Soul Eater himself, are hip-hop, as his Master Maka purely a Japanese schoolgirl, complete with plaid skirt and pigtails. This is not a series of fan-service heavy, but he is not afraid of him or with some of the girls, especially Tsubaki and the Thompson Twins, because he is more top heavy. "Soul Eater" is still in progress in Japan, and is currently in sixteen. Although the series is downright scary at heart, I believe that Okubo holds exciting enough for me to enjoy the ride.

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