ANGEL BEATS!! (plot)

Angel Beats! Complete Collection [Blu-ray]A young man wakes up in the schoolyard, with no memory. Student Union nearby, which shows a sniper rifle for some of the women looks like Yuri (aka Yurippe) and informs him that he is dead, can not die any more, and should be accompanied by his often a name change, now called Afterlife Battlefront, in the battle of God and his representative of this evident in the world, a friendly but seemingly emotionless Student Council President Angelo said. The young man remembers that his last name is Otonashi and comes to understand that every school is dead, and that the "death" in this place are only temporary inconvenience. He also learns that students are free to Battlefront stubborn people who rebelled against God, refusing to with - and has been removed from this world, and (presumably) re-emerged - because they have grudges against God for the great suffering in their lives previous year.

As Yuri is the frontline in many creative programs to thwart the efforts of Angel to normalize and ultimately to God, Otonashi also comes to understand that Kanade - they know that the Angel of the daughter - it has to be your enemy there is a deeper purpose than simply being a purgatory or transition ground metaphysics is a place that offers young people the opportunity to find peace and happiness in life is denied, allowing them to move on. In the bonus episode "Stairway to Heaven" did more or less around episode 5, Yuri issues a new operation Battlefront: members must maintain a high level of tension and energy in everything they do for a whole day in the hope it is enough confusion Angel of God and to follow. Despite the commendable efforts of several members of Battlefront, things do not go exactly as planned.

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