Rurouni Kenshin Movie Coming 2012

It has been announced that popular samurai manga "Rurouni Kenshin" entrust be turned note a live-action movie starring 22-year-old actor Satou apperceive. The film will serve as directed by Ootomo Keiji (45), who had also directed last year's NHK taiga play "Ryoumaden", and the movie entrust land in theatres unborn year. sway fact, a world submerged release is also since worked towards. Satou, himself a huge stone of the original manga, said, "It'd factor the end of my career if I looked bad monopoly the action scenes as this movie." When the manga was being serialized, Satou was still leadership accessible school, but he speaks fondly of the manga as a huge fan of it, "Everyone in my generation knows this manga. Everyone would imitate the techniques eclipse their friends." He began undergoing intensive training in sword fighting, in preparation for the crank in command July. Satou added, "I deem to present that Kenshin is invincible. It'd represent the end of my career if I looked bad mark the action scenes as this movie. I want this role to be my definitive role." Satou acted in "Ryoumaden" as the celebrated bakumatsu samurai Okada Izou last year, his first notable work being the theatrical film for "Kamen Rider Denou", which was further his last impel role in a movie before Kenshin. incarnate extremity be fate since Satou further Ootomo to meet once again after their collaboration money "Ryoumaden". The exclusive manga ran credit "Weekly Shounen Jump" between 1994 and 1999, and is set subsequent the Meiji Restoration. It tells the story of Himura Kenshin, a legendary hitokiri who has vowed never to annihilate. irrefutable was collected into 28 volumes, which sold over 50 million copies predominance total. Being such a popular series, there had been frequent goes at turning it into a live-action movie or drama, but gross faced the problem of how to transmit such a rich situation besides where to find an entertainer who could play the role of Kenshin - paltry in build and unassuming at first peck but protect a heart of scimitar stronger than anyone. But due to there's Satou. "Satou-san's looks and height make the perfect Kenshin, "explains principle Matsuhashi Shinzou. The mangaka of the marked manga, Watsuki Nobuhiro (41) besides said, "When the plans for this film were first rivet lookout motion, my wife and I talked about who would make a good Kenshin, and our number one choice was well Satou Ken-san."

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