naruto vs Third Raikage (naruto chapter 554)

Last week the chapter was so weather and saw the return of Sasuke, Sharingan, pointing to his eternal and get ready for Naruto, the Third Raikage under the full control over Kabuto's face. While the chapters in this week may not be as exciting as last week, there is another good chapter anyway. Naruto is in the air and prepares a Rasenshuriken for use against the Raikage third and throws it under the control of an arm of the power of his chakra to form. The Ninja handles easily dodge the attack again, and he realizes Naruto has the same speed and power than the current Raikage, quickly pushing his shot behind him. Attack with any spectator, he soaked Naruto again. Naruto grabs Rasenshuriken met him in a narrow range and successfully met him, like a huge field of wind chakra to extend.
Once the attack ends Naruto, Temari sends some of the ninjas in his unit in the Third Raikage poetry, and he manages to distract him, and jump back with his chakra to surround his right hand to create a coating and to look around. Dodo urged everyone to leave immediately, use the Raikage and all the ninjas, ninjutsu earth can do to create a huge wall. Ninjas with management to build the wall, and Naruto quickly caught Dodo jumps over the wall and made a wall of rubber-like behind the wall by the ninjas of the world created style. The Raikage uses his sharp right turn and managed to push his way through the wall and is in the process, told through the wall of the rubber at Dodo push everybody back. To ignore some of the ninjas, and preparing to attack the ninja and solved as they do, he manages to beat them easily in one fell swoop, that the other ninjas can observe the destruction. Naruto asks what is art and Dodo says it uses most of his chakra light on the direction of the hands and combined with the lightweight armor that makes him one of the toughest ninjas and powerful that it has ever been. Meanwhile, Naruto turned, that he has a scar on his chest and Dodo, said he received when he took the eight-tailed Biju itself. Naruto begins to technology-tailed beast to the bomb, the Killer Bee was trying to teach him, in the hope that the attack would be to create at least down. Each chapter usually has some detailed panels that show really joint efforts of the team of art, but the characters in this chapter are not as big as they could, and I was a little disappointed. Also, I expected more history and content of this chapter and all we had created a perfect end to what could be a brilliant next chapter, I'm just hoping a little more.

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