Animazement to Host Manager Noboru Ishiguro at North Carolina's

Animazement, a convention which will hurry at some point in the May 25-27 holiday weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina, announced that it will congregation director Noboru Ishiguro as a guest. This will ensue Ishiguro's formerly manifestation at Animazement.

Ishiguro has directed a quantity of of the most highly regarded anime classics of the last five decades, including Space Battleship Yamato, the formerly go red Astro Boy anime series (1980), the first Macross television series and movie, The Super Dimension Century Orguss, Megazone 23, and the 11-year-long space opera epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He also co-conceived Megazone 23's story and founded Artland, the studio that co-produced Macross, Orguss, Galactic Heroes, and Mushi-Shi. More in recent times, he directed Tytania.
Noboru Ishiguro Manager of Yamato, 1st color Astro Boy, Macross, Orguss, Megazone 23, Galactic Heroes

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