Ghibli Museum Anime Lovers Paradise

As anime pioneer country, Japan has been making as part of its culture. To that end, the museum was built specifically anime, Ghibli Museum.

Japan, country of birth of anime, has become the master of the art of producing the first animated cartoon from Asia in 1918. Early style was inspired by the paintings and calligraphy, Japanese cartoon production started getting popularity among the audience of the world since the 1980s.

Now, the anime became part of Japanese culture. Anime market in Japan has a value of $ 2, 68 billion in 2009. Anime lovers, in the local language is called otaku, is growing every day in the streets of Tokyo.

To respect the culture of anime, Ghibli Museum was established that includes all the beauty of the imagination of Japanese animation. Founder of the museum, Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese artist and director who won various awards for films produced by his company, Studio Ghibli.

Ghibli Museum in contrast to other conventional museums. This museum does not have a "prohibited touching" or guarded by a security guard around the collection. At the Ghibli Museum, visitors can freely sit at the table, reversing a photo album, or pick up and read a book around it, unlike in conventional museums tend to be rigid.

"Ghibli Museum museum is not arrogance, that seems to think it is more important than people," Miyazaki said about the vision of this museum, as reported by The Independent, Tuesday (02/28/2012). "The museum is like a museum attractive and stretch the soul, let the imagination," he added.

Exhibition space on the ground floor is devoted to the exhibition animation mechanisms. Here, you can see a series of models of Ghibli characters are being made, and how they move when displayed on the video.

There is also a room where scenes of studio Ghibli films produced recreated. Then at the end of the tour of the museum, you'll be treated to the work of Miyazaki's animated film for 10 minutes.

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