Manga In Indonesia

The original Japanese language is usually written from right to left, so the depiction of the manga and was written with Such systems in Japan, commonly Referred to as a raw term.This is different to the usual habits of Indonesian people read from left (or as the benchmark front cover is on the left) to the right. Before the 2000s, addressing the problem this cultural difference, Pls translated into Indonesian, images and pages are Generally in-fold so That it cans be read from left to right. This leads frequently seen character in the comic character looks left-handed (using the left hand dominant) and a little weird

Examples of pages That translation does not fit the picture For Some manga That did not make this upside down situation, this sort of thing is not too problematic, but the bias Becomes very annoying in the manga translation detective genre as Detective Conan, Detective Kindaichi QED or WHO Often Provide information / guidance is very misleading Because the reader on the next story chapter is not consistent with the deduction / conclusion of the main character and the which fact is reflected in the story. Even in a Storybook, Sometimes only one That panel reversed (in the deduction) is exacerbating the core of the story. (See picture alongside) Maintain first manga format as the original Japanese format (raw) is Rurouni Kenshin. In Addition, Some comic writers Such as WHO created the comic Takehiko Inoue Slam Dunk Their work changed simply disagree and ask for the work They will from be left in its original format (raw). Now, the manga-manga published in Indonesia are usually published in Their original format, especially for publisher publication "LEVEL Comics" all of Them have followed the format of the original Japanese RAW, except for Some titles of publisher "Elex Media Komputindo"the most anyone has started to issue before the 2000s.

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