Appear in the fourth shinobi war

Naruto, Vol. 53 (Naruto (Graphic Novels))
Naruto, Vol. 52: Cell Seven Reunion (Naruto (Graphic Novels))Appear in the fourth shinobi war, many unexpected characters, new characters, old characters and characters that only in history. There are some old characters again as a user grandmother Chiyo doll, Zabuza, Haku, and all characters that have appeared in previous episodes, and also appears as a matrix in previous Asuma Akatsuki suicide, Akatsuki members, who also died bounce And as the legend of the dead ninja shinobi legends legendary seven swords again, and Neji's father was back on the past history tells Neji's father was dead. Sai's brother also appeared in the war sai as an enemy. Some new characters appeared, such as the existence of two ninja brother have such a force Jinchuriki The previous Kazekage Kage also emerged as four, which is also known as the father, because All the characters were already dead, but revived by the power Orochimaru Kabuto, Kabuto with forbidden jutsu "Edo Tensai," the power of the dead which were previously two of the Hokage and Orochimaru has used to revive full review naruto vol 52

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