Anime Spring Terraformars Revenge

in 2620, joined the expedition team of Annex I to Mars. This expedition is to find samples that can be used to store vaccines humanity by a mysterious outbreak of disease and eradication of cockroaches colony inhabitants of the planet, which has developed over hundreds of years. Crew Annex I are also dealing with a conspiracy behind various incidents that happened to them during the expedition.

Personnel changes are happening behind the scenes for the second season of Terra Formars looked fresh. This anime is now available with the visual sense of a "colorful" style presentation this time more "futuristic" seems easy and comedy emphasizing the elements. However, the stage crew fights between Annex I and the cockroach colony, which served the same performance of "super" stay with very intense. Equipped with a fresh presentation may Terra Formars revenge of choice for those seeking an anime sci-fi action series or the first season.

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